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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Random Thoughts: Summer Movies 2007: Part 3

Okay, so I’ve finished up my Summer movies, for this year, I know there are few more to come in August, but I’ve got festivals coming up and tons of work to get done for Buddy-Girl. Besides nothing's coming out that I’m really excited for, Stardust might be cool, but I’m not sure. I’m going to see Rush Hour 3 because my little brother wants to see it. I am looking forward to Resident Evil: Extinction, I’m a sucker for chicks-that-kick-butt movies, but that’s not coming out until September or October.

I did see Transformers, Ratatouille, and the latest Harry Porter and boy were they great! Harry Potter was really, really dark and had way more magic and action throughout the movie than any of other ones. The kids are growing so much and there acting is so much better, plus Ron my favorite of the 3 wasn’t an ass this time around, I could have killed him for how he treated Hermione and Harry in the last one. I do wish that Harry and Cho had more scenes together and that kiss of theirs was hot and lasted a really long time. Overall, the film was good it could have been longer in some spots explaining more here instead of there. Still, it had more magical spell casting throughout and a great fight scene at the end. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is my second favorite Potter film, my first being the second one (it’s the one that got me hooked on Harry in first place).

Transformers, the storyline could have been deeper (but it's base on a toyline) and it could of use a little more time with the bad guys, still even with all that, the movie was really cool. My Shia LaBeouf (check old post for reference), was as funny as ever, the chick was hot (a little too hot if you ask me, there is something too much about her, I don’t know what but something just doesn’t sit right with me), best of all the Giant Robots looked so cool and real too. I mean the whole film I was like WOW, they are so cool! I love the fight scenes, who knew giant robots could box with a hint of Kung Fu!

Ratatouille was cute and kinda of gross at the same time, it was about a rat who cooks food after all, my only real complaint about the movie (which really isn’t a complaint) is that it was a kid’s movie that had a few too many jokes or moments that only adults were suppose to get. I love cartoons, in fact I’m a huge animation and anime buff, still when I go to see a kid’s movie/family flix, I don’t expect to see bit jokes or hints with explicated tones that are aimed towards people my age or older, it's fun to see one every now and again like in the first Sherk (the second and thrid ones, you could just tell that it was more for adults), but Ratatouille had more than just one or two, and kids are smarter than we give them credit for. I’m not one of these “kids shouldn’t be expose to this kind of stuff person”; I’m just asking for a little more warning, that’s all. Did I mention that the CGI in it was off the hook, because it was and it was very sweet movie, with a good overall message.

That does it for my unofficial summer movie reviews, although if Rush Hour 3 is any good or is really bad, I will let you know.
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