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Monday, December 8, 2008

Ongoings at BGG: Current Events

Hey Everyone, I know it’s been awhile (as always) but I have been sick and very busy. Lots to talk about today, Buddy-Girl Greetings is doing great I’ve been so busy with shows and projects that I only recently been able to update the blog and website (be sure to check out all the new stuff at (I was only able to design 2 new Holiday Cards this season) but I was finally able to get all the other stuff I've done this year on the site (well, almost, everything, the greeting card and more sections still need updating, but the calendar, note card, art print, and Gothic Girl sections are all up to date),

On October 19th I finally was able to do my Gothic Girl Photo shot (after many set backs), it went so well I have tones of pictures and the models Jacky, Rose, Olive, and Jackie were so awesome, thank you all so much (and that goes to their parents, as well, for letting them take part) I hope to have all the work done for it new Gothic Girl Catalog by mid December. Here’s one of pictures, what do you guys think? Click, to see more photos and to get some Gothic Girl gear, I’m having a special giveaway right now, buy any t-shirt for $16.99 and get a free GG Card and Bookmark or buy a zipper hoodie for $34.99 and get a free GG Stationary Kit. (Cool Deal, huh?)

The North Kitsap Holiday Festival went so well, sales were up almost 200% from last year. It was so great to do the show and to see people respond to my work and say, my work is awesome, I was in state of shock the whole weekend. Thank you, to everyone who stopped by my booth, for all the complements and words of good wishes; it means so much to me, you will never know (it really does keep me going). It was so great to see customers and people who have been watching me since I started this; 3 years ago, say how proud they are of me, to hear strangers be so impress with my work (I’m so, getting a big head from this). I hope to see you all next year.

The Brownsville Elementary Craft Bazaar was next and it went really good as well, I’m just amazed at how well I’m doing. I know, doing well is the goal and I’m always the first to say that I’m going be huge, but saying it and actually see it happening is 2 different things.

I’m just so excite this days, the possibilities as endless and I have so much to work on and to look forward to, so please everyone wish me luck. That’s it for now, be sure to check out the website for updates and to get some great stuff for the Holidays.
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