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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

About Helena: Current Events in My Life

I must say, that I’ve been pretty lazy the last few months, I haven’t done much work on Buddy-Girl Greetings other than starting this blog and making minor updates to the website. I’ve just been in a funk lately, watching movies and spacing out pretty much. I try to get to work but then I get side track. I do somehow manage to get projects done for people who really need me too, but even then I’m later than usually. I’m sorry to all those this has happen to.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m sure I will get over it soon, I have to, I have festivals coming up and a big order for the 2007-2008 calendar, all things I have put in place to kind of force me out of my funk. Please keep your fingers cross for me. I get like this sometimes and usually once I get back into creating stuff for me (and you guys) I tend to snap out of it, I'm sorry to be so down and lazy, I promise to have new work soon.

Random Thoughts: Summer Movies 2007: Part 2

Okay so, I went to see the new Fantastic 4 movie, I liked it, I know critics hated it, maybe not as much as the first one, but they sure didn’t love it. I don’t get it, critics, seem to judge movies on the same bases that they judge all movies, and personally I don’t think it’s fair. Personally, I judge movies and anything else I input into my brain on a simple scale, which I adjust considering on what it is I’m taking in. Take Fantastic 4 for example, I only watch the first because my bother made me. I’m sure I would of gotten around to it at some point because I’m a huge Jessica Alba fan (I know what you’re thinking, I don’t love her because she’s the best actress ever) she just so freaking hot and I loved that Dark Angel series. Whenever I look at her I just think she just this tiny, cute, glowing, hot chick. She’s really skinny but not in the “she looks like she should eat something” kind of way. She just seems to be a really good person (I don’t know her personally so I can't say for sure). Sure, maybe she shouldn’t be posing in swimsuits all the time or taking photos that show water dripping from her month if she wants to be taken as more than just a sexy hotty. Still, I don’t mind seeing her that way, and maybe someday being a sexpot won’t be interpret as being incapable of being taken serious. For me, I just like most of the movies and shows I’ve seen her in, and you got to rent the “Sleeping Dictionary” her best acting work to date. And I will never forget how the theatre went wild when she came on screen for the first time in “Sin City”. (How cool is that!)

Anyways back to my scale of judging movies, Fantastic 4 the first one, when I watch it I didn’t think much of the movie before hand so my expectations for it wasn’t that high. But, it surprised me, it's a good movie, it had action, I laughed a few times, the story didn’t bore me or seem way off base (considering it was based off a comic book), Jessica Alba looked hot, and the good guys won. What more do you want; was it X-Men, no (but even I had my problems with X-Men as it was more near and dear to my heart). Still, the first F4 was a pretty good way to pass the time not like some other comic book movies that I wished I had never seen, The Punisher, Ghost Rider.

So my judging scale for F4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, you can probably guess was simple, some action, a few laughs, a story that didn’t bore me, the good guys winning, and of course Jessica Alba looking hot. Did they deliver? Yep, so if I got what I wanted from the film why wouldn’t I like it? I’m not saying the F4 movies are the best movies out there. But you can tell that the filmmakers for this weren’t trying to make the best ever comic book movie, if they were they would have gave it more depth, more realism, and they would of cut out some the cheesy one liners. Still, in the end F4 give me more of what I wanted than say, Spiderman 3 or Pirates 3, two movies that left me hanging and didn’t fulfill my expectations. I didn’t hate them (I’m still going to buy them to complete the series), I just thought they were trying too hard, and that they could of finished them better, stronger.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Random Thoughts: Summer Movies 2007

This year's summer movie selections has been off the hook, I’ve seen 4 movies in the last month alone, I love movies, I look up movies news like 50 times as day, I like to know all the latest scoop as soon as I can get it. So, of course that means I’ve been waiting for this year’s movie season since early last year. I’ve seen all the 3’s so far, Spider-Man, Sherk, Pirates, and although I didn’t love them as much as the early ones they were still worth seeing. Spider-Man 2 is my favorite, you just can’t top the train scene, the third one was way funnier than one would expect from Spider-man, plus I think it would have been better if they had saved Venom for the 4th one, still have the transformation at the end but leave the battle with him until the 4th one (Which Sony has said there will be with or without the original cast and crew). Pirates 3 was good, expect, that they went a little too far with crazy Jack and him being delusional, plus at the end there is a huge build up to something, but then they never give you the payoff (remember to stay for all the credits, I hate when they don’t warn you about that). Sherk 3 was cute, it was just missing something.

Not to say that all movies so far have been just so, so. I just saw Surf’s Up, and that is a must, it’s so cute and so much fun, the direction is so smart, that half way through you kinda forget you are watching penguins. Plus, I’m totally in love with Shia LaBeouf not in the sense of how I love Zack Braff or Ty Diggs, but in the sense I’ve been watching this kid since his Disney’s Even Stevens days and I always felt he had something, great comedic timing, charm, sweetness, you just knew he was going to be big (I've been saying it for years), I just want to meet him one day and grab his checks (facial checks) and tell him, he is such a good boy! And I couldn’t be more happy for the guy with Disturbia doing so well, Transformers on its way, plus Indy 4 to work on, this kid is going somewhere, and I get to say, I told you so.

I’m next going to see Fantastic 4 (Jessica Alba Rules!), Transformers, Harry 5, and Talk to Me with Chiwetel Ejiofor (another actor I’m just loving right now, took me forever to pronounce his name, but if you watch the trailer for Talk to Me at you can hear them say it, the best way for me to remember it is Chew a tel Ed gi o 4. To really see his range, just watch these 3 movies Serenity, Kinky Boots, and Four Brothers, you really only have to see Serenity and Four Brothers, but you got to gave the man credit for dressing in drag. In both Serenity and Four Brothers he plays bad guys, but they are so different that I just couldn’t believe it was the same guy in Four Brothers, yes they looked the same but still that’s how good of an actor he is.
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