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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Shinning Brite Star: Bright Star the Movie

Bright Star
I watched the sweetest movie the other day and it totally rocked! It was well acted, well directed and just such a good story. For all the action films and anime I watch sometimes a movie comes along and reminds me, that I’m a girl and Bright Star is just one of those movies.

For those of you who never heard of it, Bright Star (directed and written by Jane Campion) is the story of the last few years of Poet John Keats (played by Ben Whishaw) life and his bitter sweet romance with Fanny Brawne (played by Abbie Cornish). Neither main actor are well known Ben was in the visually stunning, yet still horrible Perfume: A Tell of Murder (it has all the elements of a good movie great cast, good acting, really well crafted scenery, but it falls apart at the end, in fact the ending is so out there and unbelievable and unfitting that it makes the whole movie horrible) I should just give the movie ending away, it’s just that bad and no one should ever have to suffer through it, but if someone reading this is stupid enough to actual watch this movie even after I warned them not to, then that’s their fault, and I won’t ruin it for you.

Anyways, back to Bright Star, Ben’s performance in Bright Star is so good that I can over look the other film (and let me just say I found no fault with his acting in Perfume, just how it ends, which has nothing to do with how well Ben acted in the film; he did his job and was good, I blame the director and writers behind Perfume). Did I, mention that Bright Star is also the name of a poem that was supposedly inspired by Keat’s relationship with Fanny.

The movie itself is so sweet and touching, kind like many Jane Austin or Master Piece Theatre films, so if you like them you will like this one. I don’t want to give too much away, it’s a sad ending as we all know John Keat’s died penniless, alone and thinking that no one liked his work at 25. But the movies is just very well paced, there is a great scene with butterflies and if you stick around for the credits you get to listen to a reading of the poem Bright Star read by Ben Whishaw.

So, yeah, totally check it out you won’t be disappointed. Laters
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