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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ongoings at BGG: Current Events

I’m so excite! I just got done with the Bremerton Blackberry Festival (okay, maybe not, just got done), although attendants was down, Buddy-Girl Greetings still managed to increase sales by about 20% from last year (Yay, me!). So, I’m just over the moon, thank you do everyone who stop by my booth to just look, say “hi”, and of course to all of you who bought something.

Now that the Blackberry Festival is over, I have the North Kitsap Holiday Festival to look forward to, that happens November 2nd-3rd, so I hope to see you all there, too. I also have the BGG website to update with all the new products and catalog, and to work on new entries for the blog.

Well, that all for now, later everyone and thanks again for all the support.
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