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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why More and More Network TV Shows Fail, Faster and Faster Each Year!

I keep seeing all these things about how suckie Fall TV has been, how there isn't a break out hit and how it looks like a lot more show are going to get canceled.

Network TV needs to wake up to 3 main facts, FACT 1: All people want are good shows and good storylines, but most of all we want to know that before we invest in a show, it's going to be around, shows that sound good and that seem like it going to be good a one, I'm always scared to get into, because they cancel things so fast now, I waited to watch all my current favorite show this season, to make sure that when I did start watching them, they would be around to the end of the season.

Fact 2: US Networks and TV writers must also get over this need to have a series go on forever, I watch a lot of TV shows that originally aired in England, Japan and South Korean, shows that only last 6-16 maybe 26 episodes, you get great writing, full story-lines and the promise that u will see a series to the end of its run, then if the series is really popular it gets pick up for another season or it just ends. Either way you rarely have to worry about a cliffhanger ending that you might never get to be resolved.  Why does a show have to end in cliffhanger, why does it have to stay on for more than one season, it's the unnecessary need to make a show last forever that contributes to the decline in good writing, the networks need to have something that can tot for years that keeps new show from having a chance and as time goes on people lose interest.

And FACT 3: When are the networks going to realize that people don't watch TV the same so you can't rate a show's viewership the same (sorry Nielsen, but you are way out dated). The Music World and Billboard Chart have caught up, why hasn't Nielsen Ratings? Music counts store sells, radio play and downloads. I don't even have cable or the digital box, I watch my shows either online on the networks, using Amazon or iTunes or Netflix, I also like to buy or rent them when they come on DVD (which is usually way after a shows season has ended). And I know tons of people that that DVR them and some that still records them on VHS. Do the network count all that, no? So how do they know how many people really watched a TV show? They need to hire more people to track all the forms of viewership. After all the networks aren't blind to the fact there are other forms of watching a show or that even a cancel show can still make them money, otherwise they wouldn't stream canceled shows online or put them on DVD for sell later.

When network stop worrying about making a show last forever, give new shows more time to established themselves and start counting all the easy other tractable ways to rate a show. Let’s face it, if they can track how much money they made off a show when they include online ads, rentals, DVD sales and downloads for their bottom-line they can easily count how many people probably watch them as well based on said info.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've Read Another Article: Four in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete

So, on my continuing quest to stay-up and current with stuff going on in the world, I have read an article about the decline in people getting married if you want to read the article click here Four in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete.

Here is My 2 Cents on the Topic:

Marriage is just not right for everyone, plan and simple and just because you don't get married to someone doesn't me you care or love someone less, it just mean you don't need to show the world that you love someone and are committed. Having a wedding doesn't make you any more committed then just choosing to stay with someone and not get have one (it was, once the way, but it's lost it importance to people). My friends what to get married and I think it's a grand gesture of committed and a great party to have, but if I have to choose between getting married and just living happily with someone I'm committed to, i don't think I would feel the urge to get married. Besides, most people get married too soon in the relationship anyways and that's way divorce is so high, people need to get know each other and not just get married because, it the next step on the suppose it path to happiness or because they let their emotions in the now get ahead of the big picture and what it truly means to commit to someone or because everyone else at their age are and family members are asking.

As a single person in the dating world I find it appalling, how many married people (both men and women) who are looking for something on the side, they don't want to lose what they have, but they aren't getting what they want or need at home. Seriously, isn't that something that should have been figured, worked out or even talked about before you got married and if you are 20 something and have only been married for a year or two, if you are already looking for something on the side, then that's a clear sign you shouldn't have gotten married in first place, you didn't know your partner well enough and there is no way your marriage is going to last if you are already looking elsewhere.

As for being single, sometimes it can't be help and I think a single parent that really cares and is doing their best, it's just as good as having two parents around, but a two parent family is nice too. And note I said 2 parent family not household, just cause a kid's parents don't live in the same house everyday doesn't mean a kid can't get the same kind of love and attention as a kid that does. Having 2 loving parents doing their best to rise their child can work in any situation, no matter the relation, sex or or location of said parents.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Totally Random Thought: To 3D or Not to 3D?

I like 3-D and I'm willing to pay for it, if a movie was originally shot with 3-D in mind, but I hate when they take a 2-D movie and convert it into 3-D later, when it's a CGI movie to start, it's okay cause CGI were designed in 3-D in the first place.

And as you all know, I love me some movie trailers and I'm usually the first to see them online, but nothing pisses me off more than see the same trailer in the theaters but with the newly added, "In 3-D" phrase. To me, that just means, the studio is just try to make a few extra bucks, I don't hate the studios for trying, it is a business after all. But, I'm not paying to go see it. Cause it wasn't about what's best for the film and it adding 3-D to a film that wasn't meant to be 3-D usually comes out lame and not as sharp. When movies are shot with the intentions of 3-D, film-makers tend to shoot at different angles and try to do there best to make the scene or object stick out as much as possible, that part of 3-D movie-making doesn't converter and can't be added in the change over from 2-D to 3-D, it just makes the 3-D effects look half-hearted.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ongoings at BGG: Brownsville Elementary Craft Bazaar

Hey everyone, just so you know, this weekend November 13th and 14th, Buddy-Girl Greetings with have booth at the Annual PTSA Holiday Craft Bazaar, this will be my 3rd year, I hope you all can make it down to see me.

9:00 am - 4:00 both days,  8795 Illahee Road - Bremerton, WA  98311, visit it for more info:


Friday, November 5, 2010

How to make Line Art - lines thicker in Photoshop:

Once you have cleaned up the drawing and made everything as black as possible. You can even convert the file to bitmap and back to grayscale at this point. The key here is to have the file as clean as you can get, no little dots or spots of black in places you don’t need them. (Because when you expand the lines you will see all the marks you missed and will have to clean it up then.)

  1. Select then Color Range use the eyedropper to click on the blackest part of the drawing, and then set the Fuzziness to 200 then click Okay.
  2. Next go to Select then Modify-Expand depending on the dpi of file you need to expand the selection if the file is 800 dpi I would do expanding of 4 if higher than 800 dpi you will have to do high but you shouldn’t go higher than 6 or 7, remember you can always go back and tweak things later.
  3. Now you need to zoom into your image you should see that the selection of your drawing has expanded into the white, that’s good that’s what we want. Now go to Image-Adjustments-Replace Color, click the on the white part of your selection (the white part closest to the black of the drawing) then at the bottom of the Replace Color window I want you to adjust the Lightness marker all the way to the left making the white part closest to the black, black as well, make sure the Fuzziness is set at 200 click okay.
  4. Now Zoom out and if looks thick enough then your done, if it doesn’t then repeat the process until it does. If it looks too thick undo and repeat the process again making sure you don’t expand the selection as much.
  5. Save file as Bitmap 800 dpi tiff or whatever you file can handle.
So there you go, to can now use this trick on anything from deleting a little bit more to adding just hair line of color around any object.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Got a Bone with MTV: Why Ya, Being UnFair?

MTV Apologizes to GLAAD for Jersey Shore Segment
Tue Nov 2, 4:17 PM PDT -

MTV has apologized for pairing footage of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino flirting with someone whom his cast mates called "a tranny" with shots of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro in a dress.
Jersey Shore to return for Season 3 in January During the Jersey Shore reunion special last week, the images of Ronnie in a dress also were accompanied by those of another man wearing a bikini and Halloween mask.
Julissa Bermudez, the reunion special's host, made jokes about Ronnie's outfit and asked The Situation: "Who was that tranny? What was up with that?"

"We appreciate GLAAD voicing concern about the Jersey Shore reunion special," MTV said in a statement. "The segment in question was certainly not meant to be insensitive, but in retrospect we realize that it was offensive to some viewers. We sincerely apologize."
MTV plans to edit the footage out of future airings.
"We appreciate the network taking responsibility for the offensive segment," responded Aaron McQuade, a GLAAD official.

MTV pulls punch clip from next episode of Jersey Shore
This isn't the first time the series has been edited for content. After a preview clip of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi being punched in the face went viral, MTV decided to pull the attack from the next episode because it failed to offer the full context to how severe the assault was.

My Comments:

Let me get this straight, MTV will apologize to GLADD for a remark directed at making fun of someone whose Halloween Costume had him dressed in drag and someone jokingly calling someone a “Tranny”, which obvious wasn't meant to be offenses just a bad pun. It's not, that I can't see how  GLADD was offended by the comment, as he could have said, “Who’s the guy in drag” or just asked "What's going on there"). But, that’s besides the point, my mine problem is with the fact that MTV is saying “sorry” and censoring the scene, for GLADD, but totally disregard the fact the Jersey Shores as a whole is one the most offense shows on TV (And I don’t mean cause it’s racist or sexist, I mean “offense” because they cast a generation and America as a whole in a bad light, people all over the world thinks that’s how everyone in Jersey acts and the fact that what's popular on TV can say a lot about the people living in a country) and when the New Jersey community protested and said the show makes fun of them and they found it to be offense as a whole, MTV did nothing to censor the show, for them.  How is that fair or right, if MTV is going to recognize one’s groups grievous about a show, MTV should, for all groups. MTV is playing favorites and that’s wrong.

Now, I'm not saying the show should be canceled or heavily edited the show, but if MTV is going to respect one group's feelings they should respect every group’s feeling equally. I don't watch the show because I find it and show like it negate stupidity and that it's okay to act ignorant, selfish, and do outlandish things just because you can. Jersey Shores and shows like it don't do anything but suck people in and make them dumber. Again, I don't care for the show, but I'm not going to say it should be taken off the air. I'm just saying that MTV is wrong in censoring the show for one set of people and not for the other sets that also complain about the show.
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