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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How I Got Started with Jewelry Making...

Vintage Flower Brooch - $21.95
Honestly, I’m just like everyone else and I have to blame the economy. I’m a graphic artist by trade, but my trade wasn’t paying the bills, if you know what I mean. I admit, I’m not the best at getting my name out there and to be honest, running a small business full-time is a lot of work and I just wasn’t enjoying the non-graphics part of the job anymore; I have been doing it full-time since I was laid-off in 2009.  It wasn’t like I had no money coming in, I did, I just was making it consistently. The biggest problem I was having is that a lot of clients were taking their time paying me and that made it hard to pay the bills on-time.

So, three years later, I finally said it was time for me to find a part-time job, something that would bring in money more consistently. So, I started applying for anything, really, well within reason. Then one day, I was at my small business group meeting and one of the business owners mentioned she (Beth) was in need of a part-time sales associated, doing festivals and shows, I had a little experience, so I asked if I could send her a copy of my resume, she said, “sure” and of course I did. Oh, did I mention, she owned a bead shop?! 

Now, I have never worked with beads or any jewelry of any kind before, so I was super worried, I wouldn’t get hired. But as I was interviewing, Beth let me know, she wasn’t worried about my knowledge level, as beads was something she could teach beads, she really just wanted someone that could work hard, be good with the customers and was willing to learn. That was a relief, as you can guess, I got the job and thus, my adventures in beading begin. I swear, from the moment I stepped into the shop, my mind began to run with ideas and possibilities and not just for jewelry making, but also design ideas in general. Beth’s shop Echo Artworks, isn’t huge but, it’s packed full, wall to wall overflowing with beads of all colors, shapes and sizes. A lot of people walk and in and just get so overwhelmed, it amazing.

Working at Echo Artworks has been a great learning experience, I have learn so much about bead work and how beads are made; how to recognize stone types and techniques for stringing and using findings. I soon discovered that beading was just another art medium like computers or painting.

Soon, my dining room table was covered with beads, findings, wire, chain and tools. I started with basic stringing, making bracelets and necklaces, I had hopes of selling but in the beginning; jewelry making was just an inexpensive way I can make gifts for family and friends (I get a killer discount for working at the shop). After awhile I was adding a few pieces to my show collection, I didn’t sell too many at the first few shows, other than to my mom (and we all know selling to your mommy isn’t the same as selling to a stranger, especially since the only reason I was selling to her, was because sure refuse to let me just give her the thing).

Well, it’s been over a year, since I started working at Echo Artworks and making jewelry; although, I haven’t made my fortune, I have sold over $300 in good from shows, stores and websites. Plus, I have saved a ton in birthday and Christmas presents. I’ve learned a lot and I really enjoy doing it. It’s amazing how for you can go when you just try something new.

More about Echo Artworks, is a bead shop located in Bremerton, WA, they specialize in bead making, selling and teaching. So if you are every in the Bremerton, area, be sure to check them out. They have been so helpful in my jewelry making career. I can’t say enough great things about them.

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