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Monday, September 26, 2011

Ongoings with Helena and BGG: An Long Overdue Update!

Hey all, I know it's been months since my last posting, I've be doing a lot of stuff and as you also know I can get lazy, I also forgot about blogging for awhile. But I'm here for now, so much as happened, one of my best friends got engaged and married in the 3 months I haven't been around, I was the maid of honor (it was also my first wedding ever). I designed the wedding invites, the table tags, the shower invites and help planned parts of it, it was fun and hard, so much goes into a wedding, I so don't want to deal with another anytime soon. I became a new aunt for the 3rd time, I know have 3 lovely nieces Deja, Louvinia and Raylin.

I've been applying for a lot more jobs lately, I really need steady work, I had few call backs and job interviews, but no one wants to hire me (I'm working on my interview skills, just in case that's the reason why). I'm still working on Buddy-Girl Greetings, I got 3 new art prints, the 2011-2012 Kitsap Calendar and a model shoot done, plus I now offering limited edition Quartz Wall Clocks. I got a new assistant as well and the Blackberry Festival as come and gone.

So, all-in-all I'm doing okay just living life and trying to make it through.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Read Another Article: New York - Gay Marriage

National impact from New York marriage law: experts

NEW YORK (Reuters) – When New York became the sixth and by far the largest state to legalize same-sex marriage, following a grueling overtime session in the state Legislature on Friday, it immediately transformed the national debate over the issue, legal experts said.

With a population over 19 million -- more than the combined population of the five states that currently allow gay marriage, plus the District of Columbia, where it is also legal -- New York is poised to provide the most complete picture yet of the legal, social and economic consequences of gay marriage.

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My Thoughts:

I say good for New York, I hate the way people are so against it, they're just being judgmental freaks, I mean if you truly believe it's because someone is wired wrong or because they are just choosing to be gay, then why don't you just let them make the best of their situation and live their life to the fullest, if they are truly going to pay for it in the afterlife, let that be the cast. If you don't agree and you believe they will get theirs then just don't vote, stay neutral that is your right, "Don't Judge" that's in the Bible too you know.

I say if you aren't hurting nobody and it's makes you happy, go for it. I will not stand in the they of anyone else's happiness, regardless of if I agree with it or not. It's not my place and or right. Knowing that my neighborhood is gay, green, rich, poor, like to walk around nude; doesn't affect what I eat, when I sleep, when I pay my bill. It doesn't even effect when I laugh, smile or cry, cause it has nothing to do with me. It's only a problem when I let it be and that's what you judgmental freaks do and it's actually really pathetic get a life and stop letting what other's do effect you life so much, only you have to power to let someone being gay hurt or effect your life.

It's people like you that make it nessary for the Government to get involved, to remind us that everyone is intitled to all their rights as an American and a person, weather you agree with them or not, if they aren't causing harm they should be able to do whatever they want. If the church could remember that, we wouldn't have to vote. That goes for believe in whatever you want, being whatever color you were born with, weather you are in wheelchair, you are over weight, a female or you talk funny. We call deserve the right to be happy.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recent Completed BGDS: Family Honey Cover Art

Family HoneyHey, everyone, I recently became published writer, well, sort of, I recently completed the cover art for "Family Honey" by Judy Endicott Manzone of Kitsap County it's a e-book, I didn't actually write anything. Judy was a pleasure to work with and who knew you could make, honey lotion?! You should check it out, it's out!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Up Coming Event: Great American Furniture - Ladies Night Out

Buddy-Girl Greetings will be having a table at the Great American Furniture Store in Bremerton, WA 98312, 2601 6th ST, from 4pm-7pm. I would love nothing more, than for you to stop by and say, hi, there will be drinks, snacks, prizes and giveaways, plus you will get 10% off your purchase of anything in the store. So I hope to see you on April, 12th, Tuesday. Great American Furniture

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I've Read Another Article: South Dakota Politicians Defend Controversial Fetus Bill

The Article:

South Dakota Politicians Defend Controversial Fetus Bill

By Liz Goodwin

 The bill, which made it out of committee with the support of Republicans in a party-line vote, is intended to make it legal for a woman or her relative to kill someone who is attempting to illegally harm her unborn child, South Dakota state Rep. Phil Jenson told Montgomery. Since abortion is legal, anyone killing an abortion doctor would not qualify for the law's stipulation of justifiable homicide in cases where pregnant women kill people threatening the life of their unborn child.

"It's being spun in an amazing way, that those who support this bill are hoping to see abortion doctors murdered or something. I can't think of anything further from the truth," Rep. Steve Hickey, a co-sponsor of the bill, told Montgomery. "I know that's not the intention of the sponsor. That's not even an unintended consequence." It is already justifiable homicide in the state to kill someone who is attempting to harm your spouse or child.

But abortion rights defenders say that those who have committed or attempted violence against abortion providers have tried to use the justifiable homicide defense before. Any mention of justifiable homicide and fetuses in the same law is a signal to extremists, they say.
"The bill in South Dakota is an invitation to murder abortion providers," Vicki Saporta, the president of the National Abortion Federation told Mother Jones' Kate Sheppard, who first brought the bill to national attention. She notes that anti-abortion extremists have killed eight doctors and tried to kill another 17 since 1993. The pro-abortion rights South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families said they worried a "misguided extremist [could invoke] this 'self-defense' statute to justify the murder of a doctor, nurse or volunteer."
Abortion has been a battleground in the state in recent years. In 2006, South Dakota's governor signed a bill that banned abortion in an attempt to get the Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade. Voters repealed the law in a referendum shortly after. Women seeking abortions are told in the state that they are ending a "unique"  life and must wait 24 hours for the procedure. There is only one abortion clinic, according to The New York Times. According to the Guttmacher Institute, South Dakota is the sole state that defies federal law and does not allow women who have been raped or are the victims of incest to access Medicaid to pay for abortions.

The bill's supporters told Montgomery they are open to changes to the bill. Jensen says he's meeting with state Attorney General Marty Jackley to adjust the bill.

My Reaction:

This law makes no sense, cause it basically saying, that if someone, is killing or attempting to cause serious harm to an unborn child, illegally; that in the eyes of the state it would be justified for the woman or her relative to kill that someone.

When was the last time anyone heard of someone attempting to cause harm or killing a unborn child without first harming the mother? And if someone misreads or omits the “attempting” part of  law the statue of limitation comes in play (can a person kill said person after the fact or is it only okay when it’s self-defense or defense of others, in the heat of the moment). Plus, I can see how this can easily get switch around where some extremism takes it too far and gets pregnant or is pregnant and sets out to find some illegal abortionist just to kill them or pretends that they didn’t know the doctor was practicing legally and kills them.

In all honesty, this low is not necessary, when you consider that illegal abortions are against the law and causing harm or attempting to kill anyone is already justifiable, which also covers pregnant woman.
So, seriously, give me a real life example were this law is needed and that no current law covers, any part of the example.  Only way this law works if you go soap opera style and have a woman in a situation where she is being forced to have an illegal abortion (which in by being force to have one, already makes it illegal, just saying) and she has to kill the person or people trying to give her one or relative comes to save her and the baby. But you can still take that apart, she’s being caused harm so the killing would be covered under the current law. It might work if someone is trying to kill an unborn child only and not the mother by doing something that causes no harm to the mother, like poisoning of some kind and the woman realizes and kills them. And if it’s about illegal abortions then it would have to justified killing of not just the doctor but of all people involved, I’ve never heard of someone randomly going around killing unborn babies or doing abortions, for no reason and without hurting the mother or having her consent. And if you are so in rage or feel protective then you have to kill the woman too cause she wouldn't be there if she didn't want it.

Even, people that steal babies for a mother’s womb are covered by laws already on the books, so I see not point to this law. I do see, someone trying to justify a killing by twisting this law around, though.  I’m not saying abortion is right, I would never do it, I also would never tell someone else what to do with their body and I can see why woman do it in cases of rape and medical reasons. But I don’t see why extremism think it’s their right or it’s justified to kill someone (no matter what they did or do) when they are supposedly fighting to save lives, pro-life means you are for all life, no expectations.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

OnGoings with Helena: It's My Birthday Again...

That's right, Happy Birthday to Me! I love Birthdays so much and especially mine and as you know I love cake, it's my favorite food group.

Anyways, just wanted to let the world know, what day it its.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Project: Kitsap Co. Small Business Referral Guide and Directory

So, I've been really busy lately and the biggest thing I'm working is the Kitsap County Small Business Referral Guide, after attending one of my Washington CASH meetings, I got the idea, mainly because people wanted more referrals to bring in more business for everyone, I figured that if we had a book that listed everyone's business in detail (and not just for WA CASH Members), that it would be easier to refer fellow members, thus the Kitsap County Small Business Referral Guide and Directory was born (long title I know, let's just call it the Kitsap Business Referral Guide for short or the KSBG).

The Kitsap County Business Referral Guide is a New Quarterly Listing Resource of Businesses Owned and Operated in Kitsap County. Our goal is to put locate businesses at the finger tips of Kitsap consumers and other small business owners’. so YOU can easily refer and find Kitsap businesses and help Kitsap thrive. Published by Buddy-Girl Greetings and Design Services.

Your order includes placement of a 4.25x5.5'' ad in the Kitsap County Small Business Referral & Guide Directory and 2 Guide Books.

Get Placed! Be Known! Refer a Fellow Kitsap Small Business!
Get Placed, Today & Be Referred, Tomorrow!

The “You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours” Directory…

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Setting Up Your Computer and Scanning with the Best Color Output

Calibrating Your Monitor: Color Calibrating your monitor by press your monitor setup button usually found on the front or side of your monitor, newer monitors have an auto-just setting just press it; older monitor need to be manually calibrated using calibration sets or manually working with your monitor to make it look as best as you can get it.

Load your software:
Setting/Calibrating Your Software: Depending on what software you are using to edit your photos, setting it screen display settings (Calibrating) should be done. Adobe Photoshop calls it Color Settings (Found under Edit in the menu bar)  and Corel Photo-Paint calls it Color Management (Found under Tools in the Menu bar) Depending on what software and how advance it is you should be able to find these settings somewhere in your menu bar and starting with the word Color and followed by words like properties, settings, management, preferences. or display.

I prefer my Photoshop color settings to be the following:
RGB or Monitor: Apple RGB
CYMK: U.S. Web Coated (Swop) V2
Gray: Gray Gamma 1.8
Spot: Dot Gain 20%

Note, these settings aren’t set in stone; they are just the best settings I have found to work best no matter if you are using a home computer, work, or a friends. Also, if you know the settings and can calibrate your monitor, software, scanner, and printer all the same that would be the better and best thing for you to do to insure your images come out in true colors.

In changing these settings you are setting your screen to show your image in true colors or coloring closer to what they will print out. Now, this will vary still depending on what scanner you use and what printer you print to. Some printer and scanners print too green, too red, too dark. I find that HP tend to print greener and darker than other printers.

Scanning – A Quick Run-through
¦      Resolution/Dpi Settings – Remember 2 things the Res is more important than size and that the print out size you want your image will determine your res setting.
¦      Settings and Color – You want to do as little color fixing and image clean up as possible with your scanner, so try to keep your settings as sample as possible.
¦      Descreening – Use this setting when you are scanning from a book, newspaper, magazine and other printed media including ink and laser printers. (Descreening softens the look of dots printing, the little dots you can see in newspaper printing)
¦      Scanning a large image multiple times, do this if you can’t fit the entire image onto your scanner.
A Special Request...

Please let me know, when you find spelling or other grammar errors on my blog, so I may fix them right away. Thanks. Helena
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