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Friday, January 1, 2010

Social Networking and Why it’s good for business

First off, it needs to be clear, that networking online using social networking sites can and have been proven to increase knowledge and sells of a business. But, and this is a big “But”, that is only if you are committed to properly using networking sites. Social Networking is a job in itself and must be maintained and updated on a daily, if not hourly bases. Some companies and businesses have gone as far as hiring someone whose sole job purpose is to setup and maintain the company’s presents online.
Second, social networking and business, why is so important, how can it better your business? Networking and business have always gone hand and hand, everyone knows that refers are the biggest and best form of advertising, it’s fast, reliable and free, plus it feels good to know that someone like your stuff so much they recommended you to someone they know. Social networking works the same way; it’s fast and free, but only as reliable as you are (if you don’t keep up with it, they won’t keep up with you). Once you get people knowing who you are and trusting you they will want to use you, the added bonus of networking online, is that, your circle of friends online can grow to reach people all over the world, people you could never reach by just talking to people at the local store or business group.

Top Social Networking Sites: – General networking, more personal, but also great for fan pages – Business networking, business to business, professional to professional. – Micro blogging, quick updating, of what you are doing now or about to do.
Windows Live - General networking, for both personal and business. – Fan pages. – Photo sharing and comments, spreading your pictures to other site quickly.
Other Top Networking Sites: – Posting or sharing, forum with personal written articles, tips, how to, opinions.
(Easy and great for beginner  bloggers that don’t want to worry about designing their blog sit, more about learning about blogging) – Posting or sharing, forum with personal written articles, tips, how to, opinions.
(Great for bloggers that got blogging down or are ready to brand there blog to them or their business) – Posting forum, good for sharing your opinion on what’s going on around the world. – Posting videos to share, great for how to.
Sync Your Updates Apps:

Lastyly, the main goal with social networks is to keep up with people’s desire to know and get whatever information they can as soon as they can.  Feed that need, the more you give them the more likely they are to buy or use your services, when people feel more connected to you, they are more incline to work with you. Even though company branding is important in today’s world if you want to succeed it’s just important to sell yourself to. 
Examples of Social Networking and Branding themselves Successes:

Justin Bieber – Discovered on Youtube
LinkToCharlotte’s LinkedIn group -
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