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Thursday, May 14, 2009

About Helena: Current Events in My Life

Okay, so I’ve haven’t been updating you all on my ongoings like I should, mainly because, I’ve been too busy, to remember (for which, I’m very sorry). I have tons of news, some of which affects the ongoings of Buddy-Girl Greetings as well, which totally means, I can’t share with you all at this time. But, that still leaves tons of other stuff, I can tell you about.

First of, I’m still single, I’ve been going out and meeting guys and it’s been fun and not so fun. So far very few have seen the wonderfulness that is me and wanted to stick around. Which is cool by me, cause as we all know the best things come to those who wait. And, my waiting process has been so much fun, that I really don’t mine waiting. I have so many stories and adventures to share, that I’m thinking of starting a new blog and doing the “Sex in the City” thing and blogging about it all, this BGG Helena Blog is so PG and the other blog would be, so “PG-13 and R”, I could really get dirty with it. But, for now I barely have time to update this one, so, if I do decide to start a new one, it would have to be when I have more time.

Second off, I’m officially out of my Winter-Spring funk, so expect lots of exciting and new creative stuff coming your way. I have a lot of business to work to do and get caught up on, but I will still make time to do some new stuff for BGG summer collection. I have finish one new art print, it’s called “Port Orchard” and is done in the style of the “Places in Washington Series” I know I still have to do a Silverdale and a Bainbridge Island print.

Third, I’ve been taking lots of pictures for the calendar and so, I get better at shooting people (for my future comic book), I’ve been doing in house photo shoots for people. I have even started a nice little side business, hooking people up over the internet. $60 will get you a photo shoot, email and account setup, your first ad, and tips on how to organize, how to reply, how to talk, and how to be safe when meeting people over the internet. So, if you live in the Kitsap area and are looking for something fun, random, or long-term and could use some help, let me know, email me and we can set something up. I am more than happy to help and I get to practice my photo skills at the same time. My success rate is off the chain and my customers have all been very happy with their results.

Lastly, I’ve been making new friends left and right and I just to give a shot out to all my new friends, since moving to the Silverdale area and being dumped, I’ve been a lot more out going and willing to do things I usually would say no to. And, I’m so glad I’ve been so much more open, I’m learning new things and about people. So, I totally recommend that if you are a person that only have a few friends, to open yourself up to getting to know at least one new person, it just good and fun and I promise you that you will learn something new.

Well, that’s it for me, look for upcoming posting on “Summer Movies 2009”, “TV Show Dollhouse, Rocks”, “BGG Update”, “Dyslexia”, “Computer Shortcuts 101” and I’ve decided to do some GIVEAWAYS, so look for that, too, until next time, laters…Helena
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