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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Totally Random: Off the Wall Thoughts

How weird is it, that me, a peanut butter and cookie freak doesn’t like peanut butter cookies or even Nutty Buddies? Also, I love oatmeal and raisins and them both together hot in a bowl is so good. Yet, I can't stand oatmeal raisin cookies. Random, I know, but I just wanted to share.

Ongoings at BGG: Current Events

The Blackberry Festival started off rocky; but it ended on a high note. I exceeded most of my goals and sold a lot of stuff. It’s so nice to hear people walk or stop by my booth and say how nice my work is. Although, all I can do is smile and say “thank you” which to me always sounds really silly (which is silly in it’s own right, cause what else am I to say). I got voted, “Berry Best Craft Booth” I totally almost cried, cause the Blackberry Festival means so much to me and I put some much work into it more than any other festival I do, to be honored for that is so cool. It was even cooler cause it wasn’t Kisha who was being honored it was Buddy-Girl Greetings, and that totally rocks, because it means that Buddy-Girl Greeting is starting be more than just something Kisha Baggs does part-time. Thank you to everyone that help me out, stopped by my booth, voted for Buddy-Girl, and of course everyone that bought something.

I got, my first wholesale account (yaay me!), you can now find most of your favorite local themed Buddy-Girl items at the Olympic College Bookstore, at 1600 Chester Ave, Bremerton, WA. It was a small order so everyone go out there and buy it all up, so they have to make a big order next time. Also, on a sad note, BGG can no longer be found at The Made in Bremerton Store as it has closed its doors.

The 2nd Annual Kitsap Calendars are finally here so, order yours now or pick it up at the OC Bookstore. Special thanks to KPS Health Plans for increasing their order of their customized version of the Kitsap Calendar this year. And, thank you to Kitsap Credit Union for letting me include a photo of KCU flagship building in downtown Bremerton.
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