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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ongoings at BGG: Current Events

Okay, so I’ve finally gotten the site updated with the Spring Collection and like I previously said, I’m way too late with the Valentine’s cards (sorry). But, that’s okay because I have tons of other new stuff, like 5 new Birthday cards, 2 new note cards, a postcard, and a bookmarker. Plus, I’ve officially launched my first collection, which I have dubbed “The Gothic Girl Collection”, you remember how I told you “she” was coming, well she’s here and I love her. And the response from people has been great. I just hope that it keeps up and that people actually buy the stuff.

Gothic Girl came from an idea I had last year, when I wanted to make a series of Gothic Black and white Valentines cards, I started with her and of course never really did anything with it. But, I wrote it down in my idea book, so I wouldn’t forget about it, and I put the sketch I made of her away. And when I was starting to make my Valentine’s cards for 2008, I finally, redid her in Illustrator. It took me forever to get the eyes and hair right, but once she was done I just fell in love with her. I started to see her face on everything, cards, cloths, stationary, everything. I kinda went a little crazy, which is one of the reasons, I’m so late with my spring collection, I wanted to launch Gothic Girl with my spring 2008, but I had so many little details to figure out when it comes to her, that it seemed that I would never get her done and where she needed to be. I had to test print, come up with another look for her, create a logo just for her, figure out what all I can put her face on and how to price it, figuring out how to work her into the site was pain as well. I also wanted to get her copyrighted and make her a registered Trademark of Buddy-Girl Greetings (I just sent in the paper work in). It just, seemed that for everything I wanted to do for her, there were 2 other things I had to do, to make that one thing work. But, of course it’s all worth it. Because, she looks so, cool and I think that I can really tap into the teen girl market with her. Gothic Girl is dark, but she’s also cute and trendy, which gives her a lot of appeal.

The Gothic Girl Collection Includes (so far anyways):
1. Stationary Set
2. Bookmarker
3. Postcard
4. Birthday Girl
5. Note Card
6. Note Card with an all black inside and matching black envelopes
7. Personaliziable Return Address Labels
8. Black Cotton Hoodie – Coming Soon!
9. Black Cotton Sweat Pants – Coming Soon!
10. Black Cotton Logo Tee - Coming Soon!
11. White Cotton Gothic Girl Face Tee – Coming Soon!

This is just to start, but I can see her on a lot more stuff if you she takes off, the way I hope. The apparel stuff is coming this summer, you can PreOrder them now, the more preorders I get the sooner they will be available. I’m trying to test them out with have to spend too much money upfront.

Anyways, that’s it for know, remember to check out the updated site and to order all the Gothic Girl Stuff you can, remember Gothic Girl, Dark and Trendy, She is Every Girl.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Results: Should BGG Add Apparel?

I have decided to add apparel and some other stuff to BGG’s line of products. I would like to thank, everyone who gave me their feedback, I wish I had gotten more, but I have talk to a lot of people and a lot of people seemed to think it’s a good idea. I now just have to figure out what all I want to sell. As, some of you know I’ve added a new Collection called Gothic Girl and I'm featuring her on shirts and other stuff for sure. But as for what other designs I will be using, that’s still up in the air, I think Geisha and Fish, will make the cut; but the Manette T-Shirts aren’t going to happen as I have found out that a lot of people have already done them and sense BGG is all about being unique and original, than that just won’t do. But don’t fret; as I still want to put a Kitsap area landmark on a shirt, I just have to think of somewhere or something that hasn’t been used a lot. So, look for this stuff late Summer for the Blackberry Festival and probably in 2009.

Be sure to leave ideas, if you have any below. Thanks

An Idea Book: Very Important!

I would like to express the importance of carrying around an idea book/journal or a least a notepad to write down your ideas, especially if you are a creative person. But, even if you’re not, it’s still a brilliant idea (in my opinion of course). As, I’m sure, you’ve had a moment of clarity (an epiphany, if you will) or saw something somewhere and thought, “I should do that” or “That’s so cool”, but by the time you get to a pen and paper you’d forgotten what you were excited about or even the fact that you had an idea in the first place. An idea book would’ve been great right then, don’t you think?

I try to keep a writing book and/or notepad with me at all times; but I must admit that I sometimes forget to bring one with me depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing. But, I at least keep a pen on me, because, I know me, and I get ideas at the strangest moments. A pen at least enables me to jolt down my idea on whatever is handy, even if my hand is the only thing handy.

An idea book is great for 2 reasons, 1 you have a common place to put all your ideas, thoughts, notes, and/or facts down. So, you’ll always know where to look to review all your random ideals and notes. Which comes in handy (I’m liking this word), for me; when it’s crunch time and for the life of me, I can’t think of any new designs, I just open my book and go, “oh, yeah, here’s an idea.”

Reason 2, if you think of your idea book as a storage unit or a work station for things and projects you want to work on but for whatever reason, you can’t at this time. Example, I have this great idea for a comic book (at least, I think so); but I don’t have the time or the funds to make it a reality, right now, but I didn’t want to forget the details, so I wrote the bulk of my plan out in my book and 10 months or 2 years from now when I’m ready to do it, I can, just look over my notes and get started.

So, my advice, keep a pen, get a note pad or buy a writing book, so that when that little light blub in your head goes off you’re ready.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Therapy: I'm Video Blogging...

Okay, so I’ve been having a few problems focusing on things lately, and of course I only just recently realized this. Which only means, that there had to be a big “Ooops!” that brought this to light. I know that my main problem is that I don’t deal with things as one should, which is what most people do, but when it starts to effect your work then something must be done. So, I decided to start video blogging and get out some of the stuff that brings me down.

Now, I’m not going to stop typing in entries, I’m just adding a new feature that allows me to rant and rave more physically. Hopefully, it will help me get out some stress.

I strongly believe that talking things out helps people feel better and be better people. And, though I talk a lot, I never really talk about the core things that bother me. I’m just not good at talking to people about my feelings other than happiness and anger.

I figure videoing myself talking about things out loud and then posting, them would help. Because, I’ll be putting my thoughts and confusions out into the universe and not just pushing them down deep. Videoing also, helpful in the fact that I don’t have to spell check, I just go on and on with out worrying about grammar stuff.

My first entry is below, it’s about focusing or my lack of, plus I explain more on why I started video blogging.
A Special Request...

Please let me know, when you find spelling or other grammar errors on my blog, so I may fix them right away. Thanks. Helena
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