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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ongoings at BGG: Current Events

Okay, so I’ve finally gotten the site updated with the Spring Collection and like I previously said, I’m way too late with the Valentine’s cards (sorry). But, that’s okay because I have tons of other new stuff, like 5 new Birthday cards, 2 new note cards, a postcard, and a bookmarker. Plus, I’ve officially launched my first collection, which I have dubbed “The Gothic Girl Collection”, you remember how I told you “she” was coming, well she’s here and I love her. And the response from people has been great. I just hope that it keeps up and that people actually buy the stuff.

Gothic Girl came from an idea I had last year, when I wanted to make a series of Gothic Black and white Valentines cards, I started with her and of course never really did anything with it. But, I wrote it down in my idea book, so I wouldn’t forget about it, and I put the sketch I made of her away. And when I was starting to make my Valentine’s cards for 2008, I finally, redid her in Illustrator. It took me forever to get the eyes and hair right, but once she was done I just fell in love with her. I started to see her face on everything, cards, cloths, stationary, everything. I kinda went a little crazy, which is one of the reasons, I’m so late with my spring collection, I wanted to launch Gothic Girl with my spring 2008, but I had so many little details to figure out when it comes to her, that it seemed that I would never get her done and where she needed to be. I had to test print, come up with another look for her, create a logo just for her, figure out what all I can put her face on and how to price it, figuring out how to work her into the site was pain as well. I also wanted to get her copyrighted and make her a registered Trademark of Buddy-Girl Greetings (I just sent in the paper work in). It just, seemed that for everything I wanted to do for her, there were 2 other things I had to do, to make that one thing work. But, of course it’s all worth it. Because, she looks so, cool and I think that I can really tap into the teen girl market with her. Gothic Girl is dark, but she’s also cute and trendy, which gives her a lot of appeal.

The Gothic Girl Collection Includes (so far anyways):
1. Stationary Set
2. Bookmarker
3. Postcard
4. Birthday Girl
5. Note Card
6. Note Card with an all black inside and matching black envelopes
7. Personaliziable Return Address Labels
8. Black Cotton Hoodie – Coming Soon!
9. Black Cotton Sweat Pants – Coming Soon!
10. Black Cotton Logo Tee - Coming Soon!
11. White Cotton Gothic Girl Face Tee – Coming Soon!

This is just to start, but I can see her on a lot more stuff if you she takes off, the way I hope. The apparel stuff is coming this summer, you can PreOrder them now, the more preorders I get the sooner they will be available. I’m trying to test them out with have to spend too much money upfront.

Anyways, that’s it for know, remember to check out the updated site and to order all the Gothic Girl Stuff you can, remember Gothic Girl, Dark and Trendy, She is Every Girl.

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