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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Got an Interesting Comment: Here's My Reply...

“I saw some of your work online and I really like your use of colors. I'm a watercolor man myself so I'm intrigued that you referenced getting back to your roots on the use of watercolor. Painting in general really. Are you going to be putting out some new work using that - soon. I can relate to the difficulty of outside pressures affecting your work when you are struggling as it is. I'm presently painting something new weekly that depicts my past week. It's a summary in a single reference or a menagerie if various things to depict what took place in my life that week. I find it soulful and therapeutic. So young lady what would your painting from this past week of your life convey to the world out there” Anonymous said...

Hey all, so recently, I got a really nice comment, to my “It’s been a long time” posting on Feb, 15, 2010 and I wanted to respond to it, unfortunately, I don’t have clue who you are, so I’m just going to call you Watercolor Guy (I hope you like your, nickname). I’m glad you like my work, yeah, I’m pretty big on color, I’m also really good at matching color by sight, it’s like my thing. And it’s ready cool that you do weekly paintings that depict or capture the essence of your week, I’ve never thought about doing that. Usually, when I paint, I kinda either stare at my paper until I get a flash of an image in my head or I have this vague idea of what I want to do. Very few pieces of my work actually reflect moments from my life or things I do. They usually reflects my personality and style and things I like. But, it might be interesting for me to try to sum up my week in a work of art, though it’ll probably be difficult for me. But, I like the challenge and I’m going to try it (when I get the time).

You will be happy to know, Watercolor Guy that I finally did my first watercolor in years, recently. It was fun, interesting and a challenge all at the same time. It was fun to be painting again, interesting to see that after all this time of not painting, my actually painting technique seems to flow better than it did before (it was easy to do things that were hard for me before), and a challenge because by the end of it, I wasn’t that happy with the overall painting I did, parts I like, but not as a whole.

Still, I’m glad, I started it again, and I have ideas for future projects, and yes if I paint something I really like, I will sure it with the world. Anyways, thanks for your comment, I would love to see you work sometime, and if you ever have (or anyone else ever have) more comments for me just, let me know, I love getting them and if you actually have request or questions for me, I will always get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks again, Watercolor Guy and I will let you know when; I do a painting on summing up my week. Laters
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