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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sorry for the Delay: But as Always, I'm Back!

I know, I know, I have gotten behind on my blogging again, but in all honesty, I have like six waiting postings, that have been writing, I just need to proof them. See, although my grammar and spelling seem really bad to you guys, it’ actually would be a lot worst, if I didn’t proof them. And again, I just be lazy and not feeling up to it after I put in long day of working. I’m going to keep trying so, don’t give up on me.

Aways you friend, Helena, Laters…And enjoy my latest post, I got a laptop!

Ongoings at BGG and with Helena: I got a laptop!

HP Pavilion DV4-2161NR 14.1-Inch Laptop (Digital Plaid)So after months of being, sick and tired of working in my office space, I finally invested in a laptop, though it’s not my dream MacBook Pro, it was what I could afford (thanks to my mom’s help). Honestly, my work at Buddy-Girl Greetings was suffering, owning your own business is tough and not, just with the making the money part. As a person who works for themselves and can’t afford assistants or renting an outside office space, you get tired of working alone (well at least I do), you are the only one or things or even reason you get up in the morning, everyday there is this constant, why am I doing this? Who cares if I do this? I don’t have to do this now, can do it later? Which is no way to run a business, I get tired and bored of the same ole same ole, not to say, I don’t like my work, I do, love art and adore making people happy. But there is so much more to running a business, sometimes clients are a pain (lucky for me most of mine aren’t) and most of the work I do has nothing to do with designing stuff; invoices, emailing, returning calls, changes, marketing, production work, running errands, paying bills. Who really feels like doing any of that stuff…

Plus, having only yourself around and feeling trapped behind the walls of your messy dark office don’t exactly make you feel like working. I found myself, just lying in bed, not wanting to get out, I mean, really I was just going to the other room, do, I really need to rush to go ten feet.

Gone are the days, were I have to get dress, find my keys and run like the wind to catch a bus. Gone are the days of chatting with co-workers about nothing and everything. Gone are the thoughts of my boss not happy with my work driving me to get more done. And, bye-bye to those steady pay checks. I actually missed that sometimes and it’s fun and good to have outside people motivating you to do your best. But, it’s also very cool to be able to actually work on my blog and write off as work (marketing), it’s even cooler to be able to do it while I’m still laying in my bed at 12:30 in the afternoon. And I can do that now with my new laptop. With my new laptop, I can work from any room of my apartment; I can hook it up to my 32 inch TV and leave the house to do work elsewhere. Sure it cost me almost a $Grand$ for all the software and equipment; but on the bright side I have been more productive since getting it (it did take me forever to program it and get use to it and the settings just the way I want them) and I’m so much happier now. All I need now is for the sun to stay out (got love this Washington Weather) and I will over the moon.

I’m hoping that with a laptop, I will not only be able to increase my production of design, but also be able to add more services like workshops and tutoring sections. I have already done one workshop with it (that blog one I had in April) and it went really well and I was ready to do my next one, but now I have to find a new hosting site for my workshop, if anyone out there that knows of a conference like area with free wireless access in the Silverdale, Poulsbo or Bremerton, let me know, I would love to get a spot for free, but would be willing to rent a room for up to $25 for few hours on a Saturday, if you have anything for me

So, yeah, my new laptop is great, it’s a 14 inch HP, it’s super and I’m just really happy to have it. Anyways, laters and until next time.
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Please let me know, when you find spelling or other grammar errors on my blog, so I may fix them right away. Thanks. Helena
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