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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've Read Another Article: Four in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete

So, on my continuing quest to stay-up and current with stuff going on in the world, I have read an article about the decline in people getting married if you want to read the article click here Four in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete.

Here is My 2 Cents on the Topic:

Marriage is just not right for everyone, plan and simple and just because you don't get married to someone doesn't me you care or love someone less, it just mean you don't need to show the world that you love someone and are committed. Having a wedding doesn't make you any more committed then just choosing to stay with someone and not get have one (it was, once the way, but it's lost it importance to people). My friends what to get married and I think it's a grand gesture of committed and a great party to have, but if I have to choose between getting married and just living happily with someone I'm committed to, i don't think I would feel the urge to get married. Besides, most people get married too soon in the relationship anyways and that's way divorce is so high, people need to get know each other and not just get married because, it the next step on the suppose it path to happiness or because they let their emotions in the now get ahead of the big picture and what it truly means to commit to someone or because everyone else at their age are and family members are asking.

As a single person in the dating world I find it appalling, how many married people (both men and women) who are looking for something on the side, they don't want to lose what they have, but they aren't getting what they want or need at home. Seriously, isn't that something that should have been figured, worked out or even talked about before you got married and if you are 20 something and have only been married for a year or two, if you are already looking for something on the side, then that's a clear sign you shouldn't have gotten married in first place, you didn't know your partner well enough and there is no way your marriage is going to last if you are already looking elsewhere.

As for being single, sometimes it can't be help and I think a single parent that really cares and is doing their best, it's just as good as having two parents around, but a two parent family is nice too. And note I said 2 parent family not household, just cause a kid's parents don't live in the same house everyday doesn't mean a kid can't get the same kind of love and attention as a kid that does. Having 2 loving parents doing their best to rise their child can work in any situation, no matter the relation, sex or or location of said parents.

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