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Friday, June 15, 2007

Random Thoughts: Summer Movies 2007

This year's summer movie selections has been off the hook, I’ve seen 4 movies in the last month alone, I love movies, I look up movies news like 50 times as day, I like to know all the latest scoop as soon as I can get it. So, of course that means I’ve been waiting for this year’s movie season since early last year. I’ve seen all the 3’s so far, Spider-Man, Sherk, Pirates, and although I didn’t love them as much as the early ones they were still worth seeing. Spider-Man 2 is my favorite, you just can’t top the train scene, the third one was way funnier than one would expect from Spider-man, plus I think it would have been better if they had saved Venom for the 4th one, still have the transformation at the end but leave the battle with him until the 4th one (Which Sony has said there will be with or without the original cast and crew). Pirates 3 was good, expect, that they went a little too far with crazy Jack and him being delusional, plus at the end there is a huge build up to something, but then they never give you the payoff (remember to stay for all the credits, I hate when they don’t warn you about that). Sherk 3 was cute, it was just missing something.

Not to say that all movies so far have been just so, so. I just saw Surf’s Up, and that is a must, it’s so cute and so much fun, the direction is so smart, that half way through you kinda forget you are watching penguins. Plus, I’m totally in love with Shia LaBeouf not in the sense of how I love Zack Braff or Ty Diggs, but in the sense I’ve been watching this kid since his Disney’s Even Stevens days and I always felt he had something, great comedic timing, charm, sweetness, you just knew he was going to be big (I've been saying it for years), I just want to meet him one day and grab his checks (facial checks) and tell him, he is such a good boy! And I couldn’t be more happy for the guy with Disturbia doing so well, Transformers on its way, plus Indy 4 to work on, this kid is going somewhere, and I get to say, I told you so.

I’m next going to see Fantastic 4 (Jessica Alba Rules!), Transformers, Harry 5, and Talk to Me with Chiwetel Ejiofor (another actor I’m just loving right now, took me forever to pronounce his name, but if you watch the trailer for Talk to Me at you can hear them say it, the best way for me to remember it is Chew a tel Ed gi o 4. To really see his range, just watch these 3 movies Serenity, Kinky Boots, and Four Brothers, you really only have to see Serenity and Four Brothers, but you got to gave the man credit for dressing in drag. In both Serenity and Four Brothers he plays bad guys, but they are so different that I just couldn’t believe it was the same guy in Four Brothers, yes they looked the same but still that’s how good of an actor he is.

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