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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Creative Block or Getting Over Your Laziness…

Sometimes not being able to get work done, has nothing to do with managing your time poorly, or having too much to do. Sometimes, you’re just plain out of ideas and feeling lazy; making everything you attempt to do, look…like...crap.

Oh, I’ve been there, I seem to go there, like, every winter & spring, which is odd seeing that spring is a time for new begins and the start of something fresh. But, it never seems to fell, after the holidays and my birthday (which is Feb 10th for the record, just in case any of you would like to send me something shiny or tell me how wonderful I am); I just seem to shutdown, it’s hard to get work done, I don’t feel like designing, and just seem to make mistake after mistake. In the end I just watch TV and play video games. I try to force myself to work on stuff and I just don’t, I can’t. I have all the time in world and I still manage to get nothing.

But, then alas, April/May comes along and I have to sign-up for festival season and I have to start the setup for my calendar. And, slowly I start to come out of my funk and the ideas start coming, and I get overwhelmed (in a good way) with all the stuff I have to do. (Note, my use of the words “have to”)

So, how do you over come a creative block when letting nature take it course, is taking way too long? Well, I’m no expert but I do have some tips or whatever you want to call them that usually get me on the back on track if I really need to get some work done. If the first one doesn’t work for you, just move to the next one, hopefully one of these will stick.

  1. Set a date, deadline, or make it a goal. When you “Have To” do something, you’re more likely to get it done.
  2. Trick your mind and body into getting excited about whatever you have to get done. Pumping yourself up is great because it sets a better more happier work mood. I use music, sugar, and dancing. I put on my favorite tunes, you know the ones with fast up beat tempos that are so catchy you can’t help but sing along or shake your booty to. (Dancing helps get the blood moving, and your brain needs blood. Booty Shaking + Blood Flow = Brain Power to be Creative) Sugar is good, because, I think coffee is heinous and I can’t stand cola. A little sugar and I get the burst of energy I need to push forward (try to make it a healthy sugar, chocolate is great; but too much of it is bad for the hips, think fruit smoothies or gummy snacks).
  3. Turn off or get away from all other distractions, I’m so easily distracted that sometimes I have to turn the music off just to really concentrate on things. I never work with the TV on and if I have to close the blinds and kick everyone out; best believe I do. So, if that means you have to lock yourself in a sound proof room with no windows or internet (another big distraction for me), then that what you have to do.
  4. Clear you mind and breath, taking mini meditation breaks and going blank, just might be the best thing to fill your blank pages (could, I get anymore cornier? But, it’s true, sometimes we can’t be creative, because, we are thinking too much).
  5. Ask for help or look for inspiration, building on a idea or getting a fresh prospective is a great way to open up the flood gates to your creative mind. You may see something or someone might say something and bamm! You have this great idea or concept you didn’t have before.
  6. Do something, anything! Sometimes, randomly shouting out ideas, no matter how lame they might be; just might be what you need to get those creative juices flowing. Doodling, writing random thoughts, or speaking out random ideas, try it, it couldn’t hurt.
  7. There might be some underlying reason you can’t work, you might want to take this time to figure out how your life is going. Sometimes being unsure or needing a change in your life can keep someone for expressing themselves creatively. (You could be like me and don’t deal with the things that bother you, in a normal healthy way like, talking to someone or by having a good cry.) Ignoring an issues can manifest it’s way into other expects of your life including keeping you from doing things you love to do, like being creative.
  8. Lastly, if all else fell, let nature take it course, getting blocked just might be your minds way of telling you to “stop and smell the roses” (before you work yourself into an early grave).

Well, that is all the wisedom, I have for you all today…I hope this help some of you. Laters…

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