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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Twilight Movie: My Thoughts on it and New Moon…

Okay, I was supposed to post this way back in November, right after I’d saw the movie. But, alas, I didn’t, so I’m finally doing it, now. But, as I mention it before in past postings, that, from the trailer, I didn’t think it was going to be all that grand of movie. But, I was going see it anyways, because I want the second movie to happen, to see my Jacob Black get his due on the big screen.

So, what did I think of the movie. First off they stayed pretty true to the book, they speed it up a bit, by cutting out a lot of stuff, but it keep the core of the book there, the chemistry between the leads were there, but they could of gave them more time to be all giggly eyes with each other. And, I would’ve loved more time to get to know the other characters. Still, I didn’t hate the movie, I just didn’t love it either and that mostly had to do with the special effects they were ubber cheesy and obvious. To anyone that thinks that Catherine Hardwicke did a great job, you have gots to be out of your freakin’ mind. She did a okay job and the best job that I think she could of done, but when it come to special effects she just don’t the skill level to do what was required for the movie. The over all look was good, the dark, gloominess of the film was right on, but that doesn’t make-up for the lack of skills when it comes to moving fast, climbing tree tops, or looking like shiny marble, that needed to look way more realistic.

I also, have to say that I think Robert Pattinson is a cutie (but so not worth the hype, I actually feel sorry for him, he looks like he is pain half the time you see him in photos and interviews), but he was never what I thought Edward should look like (close but I never felt it 100%) and the fact that he didn’t beef up for the part was a little disappointing for me. If you are going to play a part, I think it’s an actors duty to do his best to look the part, I get that time wasn’t on his side, but he could have done better. And with that said, he did a better job than I though he would and I can’t see anyone else being Edward now. He still need to bulk up for the second one though.

And, of course, I loved my Jacob, Taylor was just prefect, just as I though young Jacob should be and loved that little stare down he gave Edward at the end, I was like, “that’s my dogg, right there!”

The ending was well done and I love how Alice was seen in the background jumping on, James, that was cool.

So, yeah, I didn’t love it, but it did its job, it has paved the way for the “New Moon” and the rest of the books to be made into films. And, I couldn’t be more excited about “New Moon”, first of all they know what they are doing now and have a better idea of what they should keep in and out. Second, they got a director that actually have experience in special effects with Chris Weitz, Third, Taylor Lautner is on broad and as the dedicated actor he is, put on 30 pounds of muscle to insure he could play my Jacob, you have to admire that kid, he’s only 17 and he is freakin’ hot (I hope he beefed up his acting skills too, but still I think he will be fine). Plus, they got the likes of Dakota F (that’s Dakota Fanning for you guys not in the know) she only chooses to be part of good things, just look at her track record that girl can pick a movie not always Oscars winners but always descent movies. Lastly, they go a bigger budget; you can do so much more with a bigger budget. I’m so looking forward to New Moon, my personal favorite in the series, my Jacob is going to rock, with his “Sure, Sure”

By, the way, Kristen Stewart was fine, she looked the part of Bella, her voice is a little to boyish, not that is a bad thing, just, I never get that out of my head when I’m watching her. But, I liked her and she is good in most movies she does.

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